Toddler gets stuck in vending machine

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I think that getting stuck in a vending machine piled with googly-eyed stuffed animals might be my own personal version of hell. Scratch that. It would be worse if I was looking after someone else's kid and he got trapped inside a machine full of cheap stuffed toys. The horror!

Terrifyingly, that's exactly what happened to this poor grandmother when she turned her back for two minutes. Her grandson, three year old Robert Moore, went fishing for a Sponge Bob toy after his grandma gave him a loonie to put in to the machine. When the plastic piece of junk "crane" failed to work (as always), Robert decided he would go in and retrieve Bob without the crane.

Now, this is where the story gets tricky. The story notes that Robert "squeezed through an opening in the machine" and "landed in the stuffed animal cube". How does that happen? I have closely inspected those machines in servicing my addiction for gum balls, and I've never noticed a substantial opening of any sort. Anyway, he was stuck in stuffed animal land with no chance of escape.

Firefighters eventually arrived on site to remove Robert from the machine. Robert's grandmother says he was happy as a clam in there, but that she almost had a heart attack.

The most awesome part of the story is that Robert left without Sponge Bob.

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