Children who can't cry, literally

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My two year-old son, Devon, does not cry. Honestly. Sure he throws tantrums and bellows like any other two year-old child, but he rarely makes tears. He has made just a few tears, in only the right eye, in all of his 26 months. It is an oddity we noted from the beginning of his life, but when he was diagnosed with a congenital heart defect at 7 weeks we simply overlooked it for quite some time as we just tried to cope.

Over the summer I asked my doctor during a routine well child appointment if the lack of tears was a problem. He checked out Devon's eyes and tear ducts, felt his facial glands and could not find anything amiss. Most babies begin producing tears sometime during the third month of life. If there is a problem in tear production, it usually pertains to a clogged tear duct. Devon has bright, moist eyes. His tear ducts are not plugged. We have spoken again with the doctor of the no crying since that one visit, but he cannot find anything wrong with Devon. For the moment we are monitoring Devon's minimal tear production and enjoying the rest of his good health. It is sometimes difficult to take his tantrums seriously because of the lack of tears involved, but we try to be supportive of his two year-oldness and look forward to his turning three.

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