The joy of snow, good for all ages

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My kids love winter and everything it brings. As the leaves turn they start to get antsy at the thought of the ski hills opening and the fun beginning. At the first sign snow they always pile on as much clothing as they can find and go out for a frolic. And once the snow has fallen they often scarf down their breakfasts as fast as possible so that they can get some cold time in before they trudge off to school.

This year Devon, my 26 month-old, had his first good time in the snow. We took him out several times last year but he did not experience the true joy that he did last night and this morning as the white fluff began to fall from the heavens above. He danced, tried to catch snowflakes on his tongue and giggled with abandonment. The innocence of those first experiences is one of the most precious aspects of parenting.

Do you have any firsts you have shared with your kids? If so, let us know.

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