The symphony is great for kids; just be sure to bring a jacket

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I mentioned awhile ago that my daughter, who turned two in July, has a love for all things music. She loves singing, dancing and listening to any song that she can hear.

So, when my husband and I heard about our local orchestra providing free tickets to their Halloween concert, we were in. Normally, I wouldn't bring my daughter to any activity such as the orchestra since paying for her to run around and not listen isn't my idea of money well spent.

But, since this one was free, we were game.

The night started off well, they played the theme from Star Wars. I'm not exactly sure of the name of the song but if you've seen the movie once, you know what I'm talking about. My daughter was transfixed. She stood in front of her chair, swaying back and forth, saying "I like this song."

Of course, things went downhill from there. The weather grew colder and our sad little Texas sweater jackets just weren't measuring up. The baby was hungry, so I had to feed him under a tarp, hoping that we could keep a little bit of heat. Soon after, my daughter lost interest in sitting down and listening to the music.

Oh well, we tried. While I won't drag her to a concert we have to pay for entry, I'll definitely go back for their Christmas concert; next time I'll just make sure to dress for the weather.

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