Cool braces, my daughter wants some

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A few months ago when we were at the dentist for a regular check up, my oldest son received the all clear from the doctor: he does not need braces! He has a perfect bite, and other than one front tooth being at a slight angle, his teeth are perfect. He will only have to wear a clear retainer to correct the one tooth. My daughter did not receive such a report. At nine years-old, her she has yet to lose all of her baby teeth or receive all of her adult teeth. However, the teeth that have grown in are overcrowded and crooked. She will likely have to spend at least two years in braces.

Although I knew this was coming, one only has to look at her mouth to know, I inwardly cringed. We have sub par dental insurance and having had braces myself, I recall they were no party. My daughter, on the other hand, began wiggling with anticipation while still in the dentist's chair. She was actually excited at the thought of having metal glued to her teeth. She thinks braces are glamorous and cannot wait until the day she gets them.

I suspect that her enthusiasm will diminish once she actually has braces. But until her adult teeth come in and she gets her braces, she will likely ask me at least once a week just when her happy day will arrive. And in the end she will have a straight, beautiful smile.

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