Girl Scouts go after thieving parents

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The Girl Scouts are putting on their brass knuckles and they are ready to break some legs. Even worse, they've hired lawyers. Lawyers who are going to court to sue parents in Northwest Indiana who have had their hand in the Girl Scout cookie jar, stealing $8,000 in cookie money from 2004 and 2005 sales.

"Money that the girls earned has been misused by adults," said Marlene Cosby, CEO of the Drifting Dunes Girl Scout Council in Indiana, which represents 6,000 girls. Under Girl Scout traditions, parents do a lot of the financial work in the annual sales. They collect cash, account for cookie supplies and they are then supposed to deposit the proceeds. The Girl Scouts have had problems with parents who didn't pay up right away in the past, but almost all of those parents eventually did repay the money. "But increasingly, they're not even make an attempt to repay the money," Cosby said.

How is that any different from grabbing a scout's money and running off with it? How do these parents live with themselves? I hope the lawyers are real pit bulls.

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