"Please" sounds so lovely when spoken by a toddler

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My 26 month-old son, Devon, has an amazing grasp on speech, at least compared to his older siblings at this age. Everyday he acquires more words and is learning to piece together sentences. Watching and listening to his progress has been an absolute joy. As with many children, there are gaps in his learning and speech skills. For example, he rarely fails to say "honk-yoo", translated as thank you, when he receives anything. But getting him to say the word "please" is another matter all together.

At first I was worried that we were modeling rudeness for him, so I have upped the demands for polite behavior modeling from his siblings. When that doesn'tseem to make an impression, I begin to gently remind him to say please when he requests an item. I will repeat his sentence after him and include a please at the end. His response is often to look at me as if I am fairly dense and say, "Yah, Mai-Mai. Milk." Or juice, or whatever it is he wants. There are the rare times he will say please, those times are so precious that I want to scoop him up and twirl him about.

Although I would love to hear the word "please" more often from Devon, I am not going to stay up at night worrying about it. Toddlers can be taught manners and we are working with him everyday when the other members of our family communicate or make requests from one another. What about you? Does your toddler easily say please and thank you?

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