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For years I've been using Reseller Ratings to check up on lesser known internet vendors -- an important task when dealing with online sellers that can literally come and go overnight. Reseller Ratings lets users rate stores and post reviews. It's a great way to check up on whether or not a vendor is legitimate and how they handle customer service. For the last few years, however, I haven't been buying much in the way of tech gear; instead, I've been shopping for schools.

I've found a couple of sites that have information about schools, including ratings and reviews from parents at the schools. The first is Great Schools which lists elementary, middle, and high schools. The school pages have info about the school including grades offered, number of students, and links to the school's web site, if any. Great Schools also has other info such as tips for selecting schools, how to prepare for college, and dealing with bullies.

The second site is Savvy Source, which features information about preschools. Like the Great Schools site, Savvy Source offers parent reviews as well as more general information about the schools, including the number of students, student-teacher ratio, and general approach to learning. Whereas Great Schools is free (supported by advertising), Savvy Source is a subscription service costing $35 per year. I'm not sure I'm willing to shell out that much for what will be a one-time need.

Anyone know of any other on-line resources for comparing preschools or finding out more about them?

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