What happened to the trick or treaters?

I picked up a half-hearted pack of Caramilk bars on the weekend, an ode to the children who would probably not show up at our house on Halloween night.

We live in an inner city neighborhood, so I guess it's understandable that we don't get many trick or treaters. It's mostly retired couples and young professionals in this area, there are a few toddlers Nolan's age, but that's it. We carved our pathetic pumpkin (I didn't post pictures yesterday because...well, it's that bad, folks) and set it up hopefully on the front porch.

I gave out a total of 8 caramel bars, to two trick or treaters.

I thought perhaps it was just our area of the city, but I've spoken to a few of my girlfriends in the suburbs last night and they had the same experience - small trickles of kids and bowls of leftover Cadbury. Now, perhaps I am remembering my childhood with rose-coloured glasses, but I am quite sure we had hundreds of kids at our door in the eighties. I remember ducks and ghosts and clowns stumbling up and down the rainy streets with sagging pillowcases full of wrapped caramel and mini bars.

Where are all the Trick or Treaters? Are they in the mall? Or just in other neighborhoods?

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