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We were recently involved in a car accident. It was OK, no one was hurt...actually, no, that's not entirely true. My back throbs like I have sixteen rusty steel pitchforks poking into it, but I cannot tell for sure if that's due my 34 pound baby or the fact that we were rear-ended.

Anyway, we had to buy a new car seat and, all other things equal, my first question was "Which is the easiest to install?" Unfortunately, the saleslady had no idea.

I travel back and forth to Vancouver a lot, and it's a pain installing and re-installing Nolan's car seat. There are so many whizzbangs and buttons and loop-de-loops that I am never confident I've got it 100% right. We're thinking of buying a second car seat so that transfer is easier. Because, there has to be at least one front-facing car seat that's simple to snap in to place, right?

We have this car seat, and it's OK. Insurance paid for it, and so I picked a nice colour, which is now hidden by shredded prunes and grey-brown baby fingerprints. But there must be an easier car seat out there: a simple, adjustable, mobile car seat. Isn't there? If not, maybe we should invent one, Internet.

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