Underwear and potty training

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We have been trying to potty train our 2-year-old daughter. I say "try" because, with the exception of one time, we haven't been very successful. But, I'm going to keep hoping.

I've seen many suggestions about buying your child some "big girl" underwear to use as a reward. I've tried to hype up the "pretty Dora panties" as much as I possibly can without trying to sound like some freaky Dora pimp. But, here's my question: Should I go out and buy the underwear now to tempt her with, or should I wait until we actually have results?

What worked for you? The promise of a reward, or seeing the reward in person? Or, should I just bite the bullet, put her in her underwear and hope for the best?

(And, please, no "maybe she's just not ready" comments. I've been there, done that and really just need some help right now.)

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