Different schools with different schedules make for a harried mom

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All three of my children attend different schools. My oldest son is in a small, private Waldorf school. My daughter attends a public, Montessori charter school and my toddler is at a private Montessori preschool. None of the schools operate on the same system, due to the public/private issue, so each of them have varying half days and full days off from school. Three schools means I have three weekly newsletters, three different lunch programs and three different start and end times. I have a Day Timer where I try to record their weekly schedules and events, but if one of them fails to bring home the newsletter I am out in the cold.

This week my oldest son had no school the day after Halloween. My daughter then has had half days yesterday and today for parent teacher conferences. Next week my two sons have their parent teach conferences at their schools. Then they all have different days off for Thanksgiving and the myriad of holiday parties and fundraisers are looming on the horizon. Whew. It's all a bit mind boggling at times. And what it really boils down to is that not only can I rarely remember who goes where at what time, I spend a majority of my time in the car trying to keep up with all of them. I sometimes fantasize about all of them attending the same schools on the same schedules, but it does not appear to be an option.

What about you? Do any of your kids have synchronized schedules? Or do you run about just trying to keep up with them?

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