Sticking to a schedule: I'm running out of ideas

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I recently had a phone conference with my daughter's Mother's Day Out teacher. (For those of you who are not familiar with MDO, it is basically a church-provided daycare/preschool for children of stay at home parents.) It didn't take long, but during our conversation, my daughter's teacher sold me on the idea of getting my two children on a schedule; you can read a little bit about it on my personal blog.

While the schedule is working out well in the morning, I have to admit that I'm struggling in the afternoons. My children do not nap for a certain amount of time each day, so that means that the time I have to kill in the afternoon varies greatly.

To tell the truth, I've run out of activities for my 2-year-old daughter to do in the afternoon. We have a bit of TV time in the morning, followed up by breakfast, then Play-Dough/coloring time, reading time and then outdoor play.

What activities can we do in the afternoon? I also have a nine-month-old, so it seems that sometimes our options are limited. I'm getting really tired of her game of walk along the benches on our deck; there's only a certain amount of times I can walk back and forth before I go crazy.

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