Life beyond the Harry Potter books

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After the fourth Harry Potter book I got burned out on reading them out loud to my kids. Yes, that might make me a bad mother, but holy moly those books are so long. Luckily by the time my interest was waning, my son was able to read them himself. Then along came the Lemony Snicket books which we obsessively bought adn read as fast as humanly opssible. After that it was the Inkheart and Eragons books. It was a great run and i was as thrilled as anything to see my son's nose buried deep in a book. Unfortunately, once it ended my son was not too interested in reading.

Needless to say, the lack of reading has been bothering me and making me feel like an even worse mother than when I refused to read Harry Potter out loud. Yesterday I finally found a book that has so deeply caught my son's interest that he has been reading it almost non stop. Stoner and Spaz, by Ron Koertge is an edgy story that covers everything from drugs to sex to physical challenges. It might be a bit advanced for some teens, but it introduces some important topics that need to be addressed. After my son finishes the book I am going to read it for my self. I am hoping it will prompt some questions from both of us.

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