Sharing the kids for the holidays

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As the holidays are approaching, it is time for those of us with split families to start planning just how we will share them. Many divorces have decrees that state exactly which household will host the kids for the chosen holidays. When my ex-husband and I first divorced, we decided to be cool about this aspect of splitting up and left it open for negotiating. The first year we actually spent all of the holidays together, which might be part of the reason we reunited and ended up having another baby....

The past aside, I am ready to do the holidays on my own. My lawyer is currently writing up a new decree to include the third child and different incomes. But I have to wonder just how the holiday gig boils down. It seems like some days would be worth more than others. Surely Christmas carries more weight than Valentine's day. What about birthdays? Or do divorced families simply do an every other trade for all holidays and birthdays. So I am wondering what do people do in this situation? Please feel free to share any ideas.

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