The illegal food of pregnancy

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Mom 101 wrote a post yesterday that described spicy tuna roll so delectably that I found myself yearning for sushi. And I don't even like sushi.

It must have been outrageously difficult for Liz to compose the post: envisioning the object of her desire, describing it in vivid detail, and ultimately reliving the denial. Liz is pregnant, you see, and can't eat sushi. Or, at least, she chooses not to eat sushi.

The post is brilliantly written, as most of her posts are, and it brought back a lot of memories for me. I didn't have any insane food cravings, although I could eat a crate of raspberries at one sitting in my final trimester.

I did have one longing, though, that lasted almost my entire pregnancy. I craved wine. I wanted a rich glass of full-bodied, juicy red wine and I wanted it badly. Rob and I went for a special steak dinner one night, and I had a sip of his wine and I almost burst into embarrassing, throaty tears.

The funny thing is, I didn't want wine after I gave birth. I don't like it now as much as I used to, and in fact I never crave it. I think part of my longing may have been the forbidden fruit element of the whole thing.

Did you have any forbidden cravings when you were pregnant?

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