Toymaker can't give away Arnold Schwarzenegger dolls

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Here's a lesson for potential toy makers: it can take quite awhile for those Chinese children to screw the heads on the 1,400 Arnold Schwarzenegger dolls that you ordered in 2005, when the governator's ballot proposals failed miserably and his political hopes for the future seemed dim. See, if there is one constant, it's the democratic party's ability to screw up almost every opportunity that the Republicans give them, such as choosing a dip like Phil Angelides to run against Arnold in the California gubernatorial election. So toy maker Derrell Brown is sitting on 1400 Schwarzenegger dolls that say, "I won't be back," even though poll numbers show that it is almost impossible for him to lose.

He says even charity groups won't take the dolls off his hands to give to needy kids on Christmas. I don't get why the charities won't take the toys. What kid doesn't appreciate the savvy political humor of a struggling politician /former Austrian bodybuilder who once starred in motion pictures as a cyborg from the future who killed all kinds of cops after promising to "be back" and who is now on track to win his second term as the governor of the most important state in the Union?


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