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I've always been a little envious of "crafty ladies." I admire Moms who sew sweet little costumes and create intricate mobiles that also sweep the floor and make toast.

I was born without the creative gene. My brother's girlfriend once taught me how to crochet. Not only did I go blue from frustration, I also threw the yarn on the floor and left the room like a 15-month-old.

But there is hope for me. I recently received a copy of "B is for Babies: 26 Projects from A to Z" And honestly, my first thought was to dismiss it, or perhaps present it to a "crafty" friend, but I flipped through it one morning and....it was really cute! The project lists all the baby crafts of the alphabet. Some of them - like felt shoes and applique t-shirts - are a tad too ambitious for the likes of me. But, there were several easy, adorable projects that I'm going to attempt. I love the storybook pages (which preserve your favorite story pages as nursery art) and the ultrasound art (because I don't know what the heck to do with those pictures), which are both really easy.

If you're crafty - or want to be - this is a really cute book full of great ideas.

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