Dealing with early puberty

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Do you remember fourth grade when the teachers took all the girls, put us in a room and showed us a video on puberty? If you were anything like me, you probably thought "what is going to happen to my body?"

It is called "the curse," sweetie. Welcome to the club.

After our introduction to the Wonderful World of Puberty, the talk of periods and menstruation increased, muttered in hushed tones on the playground. Was it true that Susie, the class outcast, really got her period and had to go to the school nurse every day for maxi pads?

We've all heard the talk of early puberty and what could potentially cause it. Here is a good article from Cookie Magazine about early puberty in girls. I found it interesting that puberty isn't really starting that much earlier these days, besides what we've heard. In girls, it is starting about six months earlier today than forty years ago.

Black girls tend, on average, to enter puberty earlier than their white counterparts. Also, girls that are obese tend to hit puberty earlier; weight did not seem to affect boys.

It is definitely an interesting read, especially if you're dealing with early puberty with your daughter. It brings up some very good points.

As a Mom, I'm interested in when other parents had "the talk." Did you have the talk? Let school do it? Give them a book (like my Mom did)?

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