Is that new-fangled video game machine worth the money?

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I haven't owned a gaming system since Nintendo 64 (on which I can totally kick your butt on Mario Kart), and, fortunately, my daughter is too young to spend the entire fall begging me to buy her a $500 game console for Christmas. But, there's a lot of you out there that read this post's title and went "I [expletive] hope not", because you know damn well your kid is dying to be the first on their block to experience the latest and greatest in video game technology.

But is it worth it? Due to superior graphics, and one great new game in particular (called Lair), Chris Suellentrop at thinks yes...more or less.

What's the verdict, parents? Are your children avid gamers? Do you play video games with your kids? Will you be forking out the big bucks to buy one of the new systems for your household this Christmas?

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