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This morning I came across a great site called GamerDad. This site was started by a father who loves to play video games and realized there is a missing market when it comes to explaining games to parents. Since that realization he has put together a team of gaming experts who all collaborate to make GamerDad the quality site that it is.

GamerDad offers straight talk to parents who are looking for answers when it comes to video games. The site supplies much needed information for everything from the newest video games to hit the shelves to which games are appropriate for which ages. There are forums where parents can ask questions and articles where the gamers talk to video game industry insiders.

I am not a gamer, but my 13 year-old son is. I have been struggling to understand why it is that he so loves to park himself in front of the computer or television and play these games. Video games have a bad reputation for leading children astray from school studies and encouraging bad behaviors. GamerDad has information to help with these issues, and others, that parents have when it comes to video games. Stop by the site and read through it, you might glean some helpful information for you and your gamer.

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