If kids voted, Bush wouldn't be in office

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This, according to Dina -- a 12 year-old from Colorado -- in response to a questionnaire from New Moon magazine. Sorcha, age 10, thinks kids would "throw their vote away for a candy bar". Monica, age 11, worries that kids might get grounded for voting against their parents' wishes.

There's plenty of funny, insightful, and generally awesome responses at New Moon's blog, but as long as we're at it, what do parents think? Should your child be able to vote? Is 18 too old, or too young?

Personally, I think there's some pretty dumb adults out there who vote all the time, and plenty of kids who could hold their own with when compared to grown-ups in understanding and maturity. Why not lower the age? Kids are effected by government like everyone else -- take legislation that mandates a young woman get parental consent before having an abortion, for instance.

What do we think? 16? 15? Am I talking crazy?

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