Blogging Baby Sleepover Post: Wednesday, November 8

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One of the best things about my other job is that periodically I get to travel North to the great beyond of Canada. Normally, I love to travel. There is an excitement and adventure to waiting in foreign terminals and arriving in beautiful places. However, being a staunch believer in the American political system, I have sorely missed being home this week when so many changes are taking place in our government. It is a good thing there are so many fabulous Canadian blogs to sustain me while I am so far away from home.

One of my all time favorite Northern bloggers is Mary P. Not only do I have the pleasure of spending some of my days with Ms. P when I am in Canada, but she is also a brilliant writer. I love her refreshing and candid views on childhood. There is never a dull moment on her blog.

Another good read is Bread Crumbs in the Butter. The author, Chantal, is a mother of four children ranging in ages from 9 to 3 years-old. She does laundry, has given birth at home, sports a few tattoos and is a voter. She is a woman of power and sass. Grab a glass of wine and stop by her site for nice, long read.

My last suggestion for this week is Jen at Jenandtonic. Being a Jen myself, I often instantly love any other woman with the same name, but this Jen is quite possibly one of the sauciest females to grace the face of the earth. Her writing will have you off the chair and laughing within seconds, so be sure to find a comfy spot when you sit down to read her pages.

There you have it. I hope you all enjoy it, I sure have. No matter where you are in this big world, these blogs will fill your soul with laughter.


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