They're making a Shrek Christmas special

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As further proof that Santa really does exist, DreamWorks Animation SKG will be premiering Shrek the Halls, a new Shrek-themed Christmas special, on ABC in December 2007.

Popular dad blogger, Zero Boss, (who gave us the heads up on the news) may think it's gonna suck, but I for one am pumped. My daughter is obsessed, obsessed with Shrek 2 -- so much so, that when all else fails and she's on the brink of a total meltdown, it's the only thing that'll keep her from exploding into thousands of little pieces. We make sure it's readily available for the babysitter.

But beyond that, I also like the Shrek movies. Especially now that I have a daughter, I love that they've taken the outdated "damsel in distress" tale -- a concept that, to me, seems like a fast-track way to teach girls that women are helpless and constantly need men to rescue them -- and turned it upside down. I can't wait to see what they do with the holiday season.

Because, while I love Christmas, there's a number of things about the holiday that could stand a little ribbing -- even if it's only to help the grown-ups keep the whole thing in perspective.


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