Toy drops the f-bomb

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My childhood friend Krista used to have a yellow stuffed monkey in the corner of her utility closet, a discarded birthday gift or neglected toy. There was something inherently creepy about the thing: he wore a red baseball hat and had inappropriately boggly eyes and we were quite positive that he muttered lewd and ominous threats while we were distracted.

I was strangely reminded of Creepy Monkey of Despair when I came across this article about a toy policeman that drops the f-bomb.

A North Carolina father is asking Toys R Us to take the police toy set (called the "Elite Operations Role Play Set: Police) off the shelves after he had to explain to his 6-year old why the police toy cusses.

Toys R Us blames a faulty chip, noting they have only had two complaints about the doll. The toy is supposed to say "Stop, I don't want to have to pull out my nightstick", which is a whole other post in itself.


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