Japanese hospital sets up "hatch" for babies

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A hospital in Japan has made the news with the announcement of setting up a "baby hatch" for women that want to safely abandon their babies so they could get put up for adoption.

Only thing? Adoptions are rare in Japan, thanks to slim religious resistance to abortions.

Hospital administrators got the idea after hearing about a German hospital that has installed the "baby hatches." The hatch (called a stork's cradle) has a flap to the outside which leads to an incubated bed. An alarm would sound within minutes of the baby going into the hatch, alerting hospital staff of the drop-off.

Here in the U.S., many places have programs where a mother can leave her baby at a fire department without getting in trouble. I find the whole concept of a country with relatively few adoptions or abandoned babies quite interesting, especially given how we have so many children in the foster care system.

I'm curious if something like this would work in the US. Do you think people would be more likely to "drop off" a baby if they could put it in a hatch at a hospital?

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