Video of the Day: Importance of the 5-Point Harness Carseat

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Video online is increasing at an alarming rate. You probably heard that YouTube was sold for 1.65 billion USD to Google. (Unless you've been living under a Diaper Genie.) I think that video -- like photos, blogs and other social media -- is an important tool for documenting how we live now. These forms of self-expression and communication also serve as effective media for getting across the message. Or as my fellow Canadian Marshall McLuhan would say, "The medium is the message."

Each day, I'll be posting a video on Blogging Baby, much like JD does with the Image of the Day. The videos will range from cute portraits of family life, to safety info, to the fun and quirky. I appreciate your tips, so feel free to email me with any suggestions.

We're starting with a sad one today, because the topic is safety. Sarah of The Delicious Life tipped us to this important video that every parent with kids under the age of 9 should watch. The Miller family lost their three-year-old son Kyle in a car accident when his seatbelt did not work. He was in a booster seat, without a 5-point-harness. Please take a moment to watch the video and pass it along to everyone you know. It could save a life.

Our thoughts go out to the Miller family. Thank you for sharing your tragedy in hopes that you spare others your grief. I know one little guy that will be buckled in extra tight since seeing your story.

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