Birthday parties have changed since I was a kid!

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In the past two weeks, my daughter has been to two different birthday parties. Both times, I realized that birthday parties have changed a lot since I was a young girl.

It might be because my younger years were spent in a smallish (16,000 people) town, so perhaps the families we knew didn't have fancy parties. I remember a few miniature golf parties, a rollerskating party and parties at McDonald's. My family did not celebrate birthday parties where we invited friends to a rollerskating rink, so I don't have much to go off of. As we got a bit older, I remember many a party in the birthday girl's backyard, sitting around a picnic table with ten or so girls from my class.

We've been to an inflatable "jumping" party and to a party at a kid's gym. Obviously, these places are meant for birthdays, so they have things down to the minute. Hokey pokey here, birthday song there, thank you very much, here's a goody bag.

Did you know that kids don't open presents at the party any more? That came as quite a shock!

While I plan on celebrating my children's birthdays, I don't think we'll be doing the big corporate party with a lot of friends. It just seems like there's too much to do for one birthday. Between the party rentals, food and goody bags, it is just too much. Instead, I think we'll have the "invite one or two friends out for an experience" type party where my kids can do dinner, movies or even an amusement park.

What do you think about birthday parties? Am I just an "old fogie?" Is this how things have always been, or are they getting bigger?

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