Getting pregnant on "accident:" sneaky or smart?

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There's a part in the movie "Parenthood" where Harley Jane Kozak's character puts a hole into her diaphragm, with the hopes of getting pregnant against her husband's wishes.

Well, I recently saw a post on a message board that reminded me of that scene. A little background: This woman, we'll call her X, has two daughters and a husband. She "really wants" a boy and feels that her husband does, too. So, she and her husband had sex while she was ovulating, without him knowing this bit of information. They use the withdrawal method as birth control, so she's hoping there's a chance she does, in fact, get pregnant.

The responses on the message board surprised me. They went from "I don't think you should DTD (do the deed) when you are knowingly ovulating if your husband doesn't want another baby" to "its your life and he's an active & willing participant in the DEED!"

Personally, I think that if you use the withdrawal method, you know that you're playing with fire and should be able to deal with the consequences.

Women, would you ever hope to "make babies" without telling your partner about your plans? Men, if this happened to you, what would you think?

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