At-home dad's convention

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I regularly read four or five dad blogs. They're not as prevalent in the blogosphere as "mom blogs" - but there is some serious quality writing out there - as evidenced by the personal blogs of several of our very own writers.

I am intrigued by Dad blogs:
a) because we'd originally planned for Rob to be a stay-at-home Dad for 6 months of our year-long maternity leave - but breastfeeding kind of got in the way of that and
b) I find that Dads have such fundamentally different attitudes toward parenting - in a refreshing way. I don't read a whole lot about Dad Guilt and the Daddy Wars and all of the angsty hand-wringing that I oftensee in the Momosphere (I don't mean that in a bad way - simply my own personal observation - and I include myself in the angsty.)

I think it's great that there's an annual At-Home Dads Convention in Missouri. The 11th annual meeting just happened, actually, drawing the attendance of about 50 dads who swapped strategies and spend the day with others who "get it"

The Kansas City Star has a recap of the event here.

I hope to see more of these peppered around the world, what a great idea.


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