Soccer Mom gives Tom Cruise hell

It must be so hard to be a celebrity parent. All those paparazzi following you and your kids, all those soccer moms yelling at you for letting the paparazzi follow you and your kids. It seems Tom Cruise and the mother of his most recent child, Katie Holmes, were at a soccer game where Cruise's 13-year-old daughter Isabella was playing. When Cruise got up to use the little boy's room, the paparazzi were there to capture every moment of it. Unfortunately, a little boy was also going pee at the same time as T.C., and the blazing flashbulbs scared the crap out of him, so he burst into tears. The little boy's mom saw what happened and marched right up to him and "started laying into him." A source reported that Cruise was trying to calm both her and the boy down, but "she was really fired up."

Maybe she was telling him what she thought of his ideas about postpartum depression and medication?

All I know is, if people didn't buy all those Us Weekly magazines or read crap like Perez Hilton or Blogging Baby, these paparazzi would be out of a job. And fewer little boys just trying to pee in this world would have a reason to cry.

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