The secret language of babies revealed on Oprah

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I'm home with a sick toddler today when I should be at the office. He's having a late nap, so I actually got to watch Oprah. The show today was on Amazing Medical Breakthroughs. The first guest was Priscilla Dunstan, an Australian mother who claims to know what every cry a baby makes means. I thought, "Wow! Revolutionary!" So I tuned in.

"Oh, that's a 'neh,' that means he's hungry," the wise goddess exclaimed. Now I don't know about you, but I seem to recall there being only a handful of choices when a baby cries. I think they read like the Seven Dwarves: Sleepy, Hungry, Gassy, Wet, Sick, Don't Hold Me Like That and, my personal favorite, Being a Baby SUCKS! Certainly not enough to fill an entire DVD. But of course, new moms are desperate for answers to the cries, so they will buy anything that claims to help. I remember that part too well. I have the bouncy chairs to prove it.

The full list of baby sounds can be found here. The key according to Dunstan, is to recognize these sounds before full-blown crying ensues. I guess there is some merit to that advice. It just feels like these baby cure-alls are the new diet books -- a new one with a different method every year. Dr. Harvey Karp with his crazy shushing technique on The Happiest Baby on the Block and Tracy Hogg's Secrets of the Baby Whisperer preceeded Dunstan's methods. They sold millions of copies -- further evidence that new moms are desperate for anything that purports to solve the frustration of infancy.

At the end of the day, we all do what we can to get by. If you think this DVD could help you, Dunstan Baby Language will be available November 27 or you can preorder it at

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