Acupuncture during labor?

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When it comes to labor, many women may feel that they can either have an epidural (or other form of drug relief) or you can deal with the contractions.

While I've heard of using hypnosis during birth, this is the first time that I've heard of women using acupuncture.

In 14 studies of 1,400 women who used different coping mechanisms during birth, there was a 30 percent decrease in the need for pain medications in the acupuncture group.

Personally, I'm a skeptic so a 30 percent decrease isn't that big of a decrease for me. So, I decided to search around online to see what I could find on the issue. I found an article in Pregnancy Today about acupuncture during pregnancy and to induce labor, one mom claims it helped with lower back pain during labor.

This article claims that, in a trial, less of the women who used acupuncture compared to those who did not required the use of drugs during labor. 85 percent of women that used acupuncture during the study said they would do so again.

Now, that's what I want to hear: experiences!

The only thing I wonder is how one would receive acupuncture on such short notice. Unless you had a doctor on call that could come to the hospital, birthing center or house, how would this work?

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