Greyhound dumps human feces on family, is sued

In my only Greyhound experience -- a fourteen hour haul from Cleveland to NYC -- my 6' 4" frame was trapped in between the window and an exceptionally large, sleeping, snoring, woman, who was holding a child that screamed bloody murder whenever it was awake. As my bladder expanded to unspeakable proportions, the kid in front of me was freaking out, and the driver kept threatening to call the cops "if that jackass didn't quit smoking [his] damn cigarettes in the bathroom!"

When we finally had a "stretch your legs" break, I got hit up for money by two other riders during my sprint back and forth from the rest stop's wretched bathroom, heavily fragranced with ode du week-old pee (although, technically, that had nothing to do with Greyhound, it certainly contributed to the overall impression).

This, however, is nothing compared to one family's heinous encounter.

The Stokes were driving down IH 75 in Toledo, OH when a Greyhound bus emptied it's septic tank onto their minivan. Two parents, a ten year-old, a nine year-old and a 22 year-old were bombarded with urine, feces and toilet paper through the van's open windows. Trapped in traffic, the family had no choice but to sit there and take it.

The car is apparently now worthless, as the poop smell has permanently permeated the upholstery.

I'll be following the litigation to see how this one turns out, but in the meantime, I have to ask, why in the hell was a bus emptying it's sanitation tank on the highway?

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