Rachel Weisz: it's okay to drink while pregnant

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According to the Daily Mail, noted obstetrician, oscar-winning actress Rachel Weisz, who recently gave birth to her son Henry, has declared it is "fine" for expectant mothers to have a glass of wine once the pass the three-months mark. "I mean in Europe they drink it," she added. Good thing she didn't say anything really controversial!

Naturally, the medical community immediately criticised her comments as "ill-informed" and "dangerous". In the US and Canada, expectant women are advised to abstain completely from drinking while pregnant. In the UK, however, current guidelines say that one or two small glasses of wine a week is okay. The government is reviewing these guidelines given that experts say that even very small amounts can result in Foetal Alcohol Syndrome.

Foetal alcohol syndrome specialist Dr Raja Mukherjee, of St George's Hospital Medical School in London, spoke out against Weisz' comments, saying "If Rachel Weisz has drunk during her pregnancy and the baby is fine then that's just pure luck." He went on to explain the problem: "There is a risk throughout your whole pregnancy. There is potential harm to the unborn baby's brain at any point and that is fact."

My wife doesn't drink anyway, so it wasn't an issue, but we both agreed that if she did, even the slightest little bit of risk would make abstinence worthwhile. I used to drink regularly; I really liked good beer and wine. When I moved in with my dad, however, who was not allowed to drink for medical reasons, I gave it up. Honestly, it wasn't a big deal and it was well worth it to not drink in front of my dad. I would think that protecting your unborn child would be even more of an impetus to abstain, but that's just me. What do you think?

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