Mother kicked off plane for breastfeeding sues airline

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I've heard of breastfeeding mothers getting dirty looks from other passengers, and I've heard of moms who experience no problems breastfeeding on planes. But with the new security regulations that restrict liquids for babies on planes that are not purchased past the security checkpoints, I can't believe that a major airline would require a breastfeeding mother to cover up with a blanket, or that the airline would then demand that mother be removed from the flight for refusing to cover up.

But that's just what Emily Gillette says Delta airlines did to her. She was seated by the window on a flight between Burlington, Vermont and New York City with her husband in the center seat when the flight attendant observed her breastfeeding her 22-month-old daughter as the flight prepared to leave Burlington International Airport. The flight attendant handed her a blanket and told her to cover up, which she declined to do, telling the flight attendant she had a legal right to breastfeed her baby. According to Gillette, the attendant walked away and returned with a Delta ticket agent who said the flight attendant had asked that the family be removed from the flight. Gillette and her husband agreed, saying they didn't want to make a scene.

A spokesperson for Freedom Airlines (an affiliate of Delta) said Gillette was asked to leave the flight after she declined the blanket. "A breast-feeding mother is perfectly acceptable on an aircraft, providing she is feeding the child in a discreet way," that doesn't bother others, said Paul Skellon, spokesman airline. "She was asked to use a blanket just to provide a little more discretion, she was given a blanket, and she refused to use it, and that's all I know." Gillette has filed a complaint against the two airlines was filed with the Vermont Human Rights Commission. Vermont state law allows a mother to breast-feed in public.

Something tells me this had more to do with the baby being 22-months old than the visibility of Gillette's nipple. When the hell are people going to stop being such idiots about something so natural? If that had happened to me and my wife, there would have been a scene. There would have been a f%$#@ing scene alright.

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