Study shows beautiful parents have more daughters

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I have one daughter and one son, which, if this study is to be believed, may stem from the fact that my wife is gorgeous while I am butt-ugly. The November issue of Discover Magazine is reporting on a study that examined a group of more than 20,000 young people, comparing their attractiveness and the gender of their children.

The researchers rated each person's appearance on a scale from one (very unattractive) to five (very attractive) and found that the first-born child of those rated highest was female 56% of the time. This is in contrast to those rated 4 and below who had a daughter first only 48% of the time.

The article notes that a fifty-fifty gender ratio is not always the norm, with species such as red deer, spider monkeys, and Venezuelan opossums producing more of one or the other depending on environmental conditions. Is it possible that beauty can influence gender? Are we somehow wired such that if we're not so attractive, boys will have a better chance at reproducing, but if we're good-looking, a girl would be better off? I'll be the first to say that you can never have too many beautiful women running around, but is it such an advantage that we somehow breed for it? Are we really that shallow?

P.S., I used that image because, in looking through the pictures I've used for stories, Lucy Lawless was clearly the most beautiful. Plus, I think it's an incredible photo.

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