Wal-mart sued over shopping cart accident

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Remember when, a few months ago, I wrote about the dangers of shopping carts? How 24,000 kids were injured in shopping-cart-related accidents last year alone? Well, there's one family in Florida that understands that all too well.

The Castillo family was leaving their local Wal-Mart superstore when the shopping cart they were using went from a flat, hard floor onto a carpeted section and tipped over. Unfortunately, the Castillo's five-month-old son was in an infant carrier attached to the top of the cart. Since the accident, the boy has been in the hospital seven times and suffers from unexplained convulsions. This being America, they have, of course, sued.

As much as I'm not a fan of the "Something happened; I'll sue" mentality we have in this country, I have to wonder if the store doesn't have some responsibility here. Surely Wal-Mart must have had their share of shopping cart accidents and I imagine such a transition between a hard floor and soft carpet would account for more than a few. But does that make them responsible? Should they really have known better and thus done something -- such as replacing the carpeting with the same hard flooring as the rest of the store? Does the mother bear any responsibility? What do you think?

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