How big will the baby be? Look to Dad.

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When it comes to new babies, one of the major guessing games is the size of the baby. Will she be tiny? Huge or average size?

In an ongoing study, it seems as if Dad's size affects the length of the baby. Oddly enough, Dad's weight does not affect how heavy a baby will be. Basically, if your kid is fat, blame it on Mom.

My husband and I are very different, height-wise. He is a lanky 6'4 while I'm barely 5'5. Our daughter, who was born at just shy of 41 weeks, was 21 inches long. Our son, who was born at 38 weeks, was 20 inches.

Both continue to bypass their peers in height. As for weight, my daughter, who is two, is very thin (I'll take credit for that one any day!) while my 9-month-old boy is what you could definitely call "husky." (It is a cute husky, though. )

As I'm thinking of toddlers I know, the ones with taller fathers definitely are taller than their peers.

Is this true for your family? Or does your family totally break this "rule?"

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