Line Rider, good fun for kids of all ages

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A few weeks ago my son, Loren, asked me to come check out something cool on the computer. This happens about a zillion times a day, so I didn't run as fast as I could to check out what I assumed would be yet another Red Hot Chili Peppers video. But lo and behold, he was summoning me to look at a fun little video temptation called Line Rider. It is a simple site that requires the user to draw a sledding course and then the sledder shreds his way over the line. Sometimes the rider succeeds, sometimes he meets his end. My son and his buddies find this game endlessly entertaining.

According to my son, there are several versions of Line Rider available. There is the simple version where you draw a line and try to keep your rider alive. Then there is the hack version, far better according to my teen, that enables you to push your rider to beyond the laws of simple physics and coolness. In this version your rider has a much longer life and can do better tricks. There are even videos available at You Tube that showcase some serious talents in the Line Rider arena. As cool as these videos are, I just have to wonder if some parent's hard earned tuition money is going down the tubes as a kid sits in his dorm room spending endless hours creating these things. In any event, it's a cool little game; better than solitaire and hipper than poker.

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