Too much pressure causing kids to quit sports

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Thanks to excessive pressure from parents and coaches, seventy percent of children have quit team sports by the age of 13. Why? According to experts, it is the "professionalization" of athletics, where having fun is placed of lower importance than becoming successful.

Many kids aren't just heading down to the local park for a once a week ballgame. There's practice, private coaches, trainers and travel games. I remember, when I was in high school, having a girl on my cross-country team that had her very own private trainer to help make her "the best." (She did well for awhile, though I heard rumors of burnout while in college.)

I understand wanting your child to do well. Heck, college is expensive and it might seem like a full tuition sports scholarship is the way to go. But, as the article mentions, out of over 19,000 young athletes, about 356 children will get a scholarship. Out of all those kids, only four will "go pro."

With those types of odds, isn't it important to instill a love of activity in the kids, especially in this age of obesity? Sports help children learn to work together and having a "team" mentality is good. Not everyone is going to be the best but they can still have fun while trying.

Do you know of any parents who put too much pressure on their children to perform in sports?

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