When the chicks fly the nest. The end of the family bed?

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A few weeks ago I promised a couple of readers that I would update them when, and if, my family bed statues changed. Well, rest assured those of you who had a raised eyebrow or two over my 13 year-old son's presence in the family bed, he has made the move. Loren had actually been making noise for a couple of weeks about making the change. He tried it one night, only to quietly come down the stairs within an hour to ask if he could join his younger sister and me for the night. A couple of days later he mentioned that he had been cold that one night and that maybe flannel sheets would be a good idea. The next day I produced a set of said sheets and put them at the bottom of his stairs. A few nights after that he asked me if I would help him make his bed with the new, soft sheets. Then he asked me if I would tuck him in. And that was that.

Loren has been sleeping on his own, on a different floor of the house, for the last five nights. He says he loves having a bed all to himself; no kicking from his sister, no dogs vying for a place on his pillow, just him. Alone. I am happy for this step he has made. Although it has been a crowded five months, I know that he needed the security of the family bed to help him cope with death of his grandfather and the split of his parents. I told him he can come back to visit when and if he needs any extra security. I miss the little guy, but I am happy that he made the decision to move on his own. It feels rights. Now I wonder if his nine year-old sister might fancy a bed of her own....

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