First "National Nurse-In" scheduled

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We've posted several stories about a woman that was kicked off a Delta Airlines flight for breastfeeding her baby recently. In fact, we've even posted a story about Delta disciplining the flight attendant in question.

For some, this isn't enough; mothers across the nation have scheduled a "National Nurse-In" on Tuesday, November 21 at Delta Airlines counters, in addition to the counters of airlines owned by Delta's parent group, Mesa-Air, which includes US Air and United.

Interested women should meet up 10 a.m., local time.

For those interested, some of the people behind this "nurse-in" are also behind those that were held at Starbucks and at ABC's "The View."

Personally, I find the grassroots efforts behind these types of events incredibly interesting. As I've written several times in the past, I'm all for public breastfeeding, though I also support a parent's decision to give formula. But, as I've seen on several media sites while reading about this story, this is a highly debated issue.

While I believe the decision to breastfeed is a personal one, it takes activists to stand up for the nursing mother and gain attention when someone is wronged.

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