How to treat your overweight child

Filed under: Health & Safety: Babies, Sex, a website with tips on how to treat diseases with nutrition, asserts that parents of an overweight child need to change their own behavior if that child is to successful overcome their obesity.

Beyond a few common sense suggestions, such as "don't reward your child with unhealthy food," the site's author believes that by taking the focus off the overweight child, and focusing instead on the nutrition and exercise habits of the family as a whole, you're more likely to see long-term results.

Especially raising a daughter, I've been hyper-conscious and hyper-sensitive to the body issues many girls have by the time they're adolescents, and would never want my daughter to harbor negative feelings about her body as result of values I'd helped to instill. At the same time, I also want to be realistic about the growing rate of childhood obesity and how certain eating habits and inactivity can affect her long-term health. The advice in the linked post may seem basic, but it seems to be a solid foundation for tackling your child's obesity without making his or her body the enemy.

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