Mother of Brazilian model asks other mothers to watch their daughters' weight

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Outrage over ultra thin models is reaching more and more ears. A mother of a 21 year-old Brazilian model who recently died from complications stemming from anorexia, is asking mothers everywhere to be aware of the early signs of anorexia. She says that the continual use of of images depicting underweight women perpetuates the idea that unhealthily thin bodies are beautiful.

I can't agree more with the poor mother. My daughter is tall, skinny and striking with her unusual hair and eyes. Everywhere we go women and men praise her body shape and tell her she should be a model so that she can take advantage of her "ideal body". I always tell these people that my daughter is more than just a husk of "physical idealness"; she is smart, funny and ambitious. I know they mean well, but they are simply continuing the stupidity an underweight body is an ideal body.

My daughter comes by her shape naturally. He father is tall and thin and both of his biological parents are tall and thin. I sometimes envy her as I spy my curves in the mirror, but I don't tell her this. I tell her how proud I am of her reading abilities, her athletic prowess and her academic successes. I just hope she can make it through life without the body image myth causing her to starve herself.

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