English study says adopted children want more information about their background

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A new study by England's children's rights director concludes that adopted children want more information about their birth family and the circumstances surrounding their adoption.

Dr. Roger Morgan says that of the adopted people he surveyed, ranging from age 6 to 22, many of them feel they have not sufficiently been informed of their particular situation.

The doctor's rationale for his study was that adopted children need a more complete picture of their backgrounds, and that includes getting all the information they can about their birth families.

It certainly seems reasonable that adopted children be given more access to their information, but I'm not so sure that interviewing children as young as 6 years old about their feelings surrounding their adoption is such a good idea. These kids are just beginning to find out about themselves and are in a crucial growing phase, and to introduce a complex subject as their feelings about adoption might (I emphasize the word "might") not be such a great idea at this time in their lives.

However, speaking as one adoptive parent, I would certainly support my child in her efforts to find out about her background, if she chooses to.

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