Musical instruments benefit kids, even if they are electric

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Last spring when my son, Loren, began asking for an electric guitar for his birthday, I has some serious reservations. I remembered when I was a child and my older brother ventured into the electrical instrument arena, it was loud and torturous. But then two of his friends received the loud instruments for their birthdays and I was stuck between wanting to save my sanity and being the coolest mom ever. I opted for the latter and, with the generous help of family and friends, he got the guitar.

The benefits of music for kids and teens are many. Music has been proven to improve cognitive functions, help fight memory loss, reduce stress, lower blood pressure and help prevent depression in the developing brain. I have noticed that after my son plays his guitar he is calmer, more focused and in a great mood. He will sit for two hours listening to a song, looking up the chords online and then practicing. He and a group of his friends are studying with a local man who has a recording studio in his home. So far they have have recorded a couple of cover songs and hope to do a few more.

I do sometimes wish that Loren had chosen the harp as his instrument of choice. But if he enjoys his noisy guitar and is benefiting from it, I can live with that.

What instruments do your kids play?


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