Thanksgiving Day family traditions, when to buck them

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This year marks a new beginning for my family. Since my father died in June, we are all trying to pick ourselves up, function without his leadership and breathe through the days. As the holidays are approaching, we are also trying to accept that he will not be here for the celebrations; we are simply trying to find bits of happiness in all of it. Neither my mother nor I had given Thanksgiving much thought, I know I was simply hoping it would pass without either of us having to deal with it. However, the other day one of our dearest friends called and informed us that we would be sharing dinner at their house. Better for us, I thought, no cooking or cleaning. Then our friend told us that we would be shucking the turkey and stuffing in favor of a Cajun Boil, complete with fresh shrimp, craw fish, crab and ice cold beers. Hey, hey, I though, even better. No turkey, no tradition.

I find myself truly looking forward to the dinner. It will be something we have never done before, but with people we truly love and who's company we enjoy. We will all miss my father, it would be impossible not to think of him. But by setting aside traditions and acknowledging that we all need a change, I believe we are making a good decision.

Has your family made changes in your traditions?

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