Video of the Day -- Giggling Siblings

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Here's a simple one for a Wednesday. Who doesn't enjoy the pure unbridled joy of a laughing baby? Kristin had a link to a particularly cute one earlier this month who had me laughing right along.

As first-time parents, I remember our excitement when the giggle marathons started to happen. Being a couple who normally argues over who is funnier, making baby Nate laugh became the competition of the century. Seeing our baby chuckle his Huggies off over a stupid face one of us made was the first sign that he might be anything like us. Now if only we could stop fighting over whose funny gene he got.

This video shows sisters Sarah and Lauren giggling together. It's nice to see that bond between siblings. I get excited at the thought of Nate loving a little baby so much. That he might enjoy entertaining him or her (while I get the dishes done) is a happy thought. These videos sure are helping me build a case for Operation Baby 2007.

Got any family-friendly videos to recommend? Leave your suggestions (including the URL) via comments and I'll credit your genius.

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