Are parades an outdated relic?

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I spent as much time growing up on the corner of Third and Market in downtown San Francisco as I did anywhere else; my parents' office was our second home. My siblings and I worked hard (after all, the only reason to have kids is for the free labor, right?) but it was also a great place to watch parades -- Chinese New Year, Columbus Day, and, so on. We'd run up and down the stairs, alternating between watching from the street and from my dad's seventh floor office. One of my favorite things was tossing the holes my mother had saved all year from the hole punches out the window for New Year's.

I don't think my kids, on the other hand, have ever seen a parade. My niece is watching the Thanksgiving Day parade in New York on television, but when I turned it on here, Jared wanted Noggin back. I'm not even sure if they have parades here anymore, other than the Pride parade. So, are parades going the way of film cameras and slide rules? Or are they still exciting for kids today? Are your kids watching the parade today?

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